Book lovers


So easy to fall in love with books!

I love books, Princess loves reading, so do the boys and daddy likes to read mostly Grisham and Dan Brown books (well, I am trying to get him to expand his reading choices 😉 So yeah, we are very much into books ;D I once believed that a girl cannot have too many shoes or bags (it still applies to young/ single babes ;)) and now my firm belief is that no child can have too many books!

I will like to share two blogs about books for, whom else, children!

Valentines’ Day is couple of days away and frankly I am tired of the frenzy especially online ;( Until I saw this post on love books for little ones. I love the idea of Valentines for and with the brood… Dont think I will shop for V-day goodies or pressies… oh well, inspiration will come at the last minute as usual ;D

This post on Read Alouds is rather informative and gives me more options to look out for in the library. 

Enjoy the books and blogs reading! ;D


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