Menu planning- Feb 3rd week

The sources for these recipes are from the recipes folder in my yahoo mail. I looked up digests from one yahoo group and also referred to some great fish recipes a good friend had shared sometime ago. Nothing beats tried and tested recipes and I hope I do justice to what she has shared 😉

I also learnt that my fave stalls in the market will be closed beyond the CNY period. Looks like the economy is definitely recovering with the grocers taking longer holiday. Then my regular green grocer informed that her supplier in M’sia will be closed til next weekend hence she cannot open for business either. I have shopped as much as possible for the entire weekend but there’s only so much our tiny fridge can store. Hey no complaints- a well-stocked fridge is something to be thankful for (though its working harder to keep the contents fresh)


Thankful to be blessed with a full fridge


Tues (16/2) – Yoghurt gravy, zucchini sticks and cannon balls

Wed (17/2) – Spicy baked shrimp and zucchini rice

Thurs (18/2) – Toasted herb rice with chicken crispers

Fri (19/2) – shrimp fried rice and pan fried/ steamed salmon

Sat (20/2) – Jambalaya and salmon fingers

Sun (21/2) – Butter chicken and lentil soup


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