Food blog- preview & IamBACK!!!


I am back!!!! After an unintentional absence…

First things first- the slideshow above was beta meant for my food blog- Whimsical cook. I first got to know this slideshow site from another mother’s blog;p Since many food blogs use static images, I thought this may a cool way to be different from others- nice try if you askme ;>

So, why was I MIA so long??? Even I cannot answer truly… ironically I ‘stopped’ blogging when the helper was staying with us for a very short while. I mean that should have given me so much more free time right…sigh! Its GOOD to be back ‘D

Well, needless to say, we have been busy out and about and in the kitchen… so please do revisit some pages for updates and enjoy reading our experiences the past few months.

Princess’ birthday

Fun Day at Museum

– Transformer


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