Not on FB

Recently my nephew uploaded another group picture of my teenage childhood kakis and myself. Gosh it seems so many lifetimes ago!

Apparently it brought back much nostalgia for those in the picture and others who know us.  Princess then passed him the photo above that shows the ‘entire gang’… many of us were involved in various church activities and performances. We grew up together until some of us parted ways early teens or later.

While the above picture was being tagged, Princess noted that I was the ‘only one’ without a FB account ;p I do not think it is totally true. Actually there is one more person in the picture not on FB as the dear friend has passed on.

I kinda like the fact that I am ‘the only one not on FB’ as I have been boasting to some pals ;p I was never one to be mainstream. I have always enjoyed taking the path less trodden though it has not always been the right choice.  ;> I am not a non-conformist for the sake of it, but really I believe in living the way I want for myself -mistakes and all- and not just jump on any bandwagon. Please do not mistake me for a prima donna ;o I do not expect others to accommodate my whims. I am just trying to say that I will make myself available if and when you want to get in touch, kwim ;p (Someone already commented online that ‘there is only so much (one )can do online’! My point exactly! ;D )

I have been asked many times to join FB but I always politely decline. My usual reply- gimme face to face interaction anytime. Its a great tool but not for me. I have enough online distractions, as my dear gfs can attest to- I am always bombarding their inboxes with links to blogs etc ;p

Thanks to very gracious friends and family, I still get to enjoy such pictures online. I admit I do miss out quite abit of action and news but I never feel left out. Thats because I have wonderful friends who make time to answer my calls/ text messages and even spend lunch or dinner time with me. Friends who are overseas regularly remain in touch via email or skype. Now thats what I need to thrive and friendships to grow steadily.

Sad to say, I am not in touch with majority of them in the photo above. During the online ‘discussion’, some were wondering who they were sitting/ standing next to and most of them seem to be in contact online. Great for them. There are a handful of them who remained in the community and are now married (but not within this group though- correct me if I am wrong ;)) It will be more fantastic if we most of us can get together sometime.

So a 20- year reunion anyone? Yes that picture was taken more than 20 years ago! ;D

PS- Those ‘long-lost’ friends, visiting from FB, thank you in advance for dropping by! I know I have missed alot of happeningz in your lives. Drop me a line at-{alias}gmail [dot] com. Would love to be in touch with you! ;D

PPS- A close galfren just ‘scolded’ me for being mafun w/o a FB account ;p


4 thoughts on “Not on FB

  1. Yesss Shan, I’ve finally found my way to your blog. Thanks to Timothy for putting it up on FB. And pls count me in with your friends who want you to be on FB!

    Guess what, Prakash is indeed planning a 20 year – reunion. I am hyper excited about it and I bet you are feeling the same too.

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