Exchange of words

The following exchange between Daddy and Sunshine has been a daily affair lately. In fact daddy even adopted new nicknames for the two boys ;p

Daddy: The other one…

Sunshine: (Grunts and scowls) STOP saying THAT!!

This is how it all started… (oh, those who watch Tamil movies may better understand  the joke on the word play ;))

Brood and I were watching TV when ads for the handphone ring tones came on. A series of them were shown within short interval. Sunshine then kept remarking about the different ring tones using the phrase ‘ the other one…’ Now those who have enjoyed Surya’ s recent hit- keep saying that phrase… dont you think it sounds like the title of the movie ‘Aadhavan’, which incidentally is a family favourite.

Mummy hearing the ‘pun’, teased Sunshine about it. Of course he hates being teased and got annoyed. And that started this roll of teasing and nicknames.

It is also evolving – we cannot say ‘that’ ‘following’ Sunshine’s order and Adorable extended the joke even further. This is one family joke not to be easily forgotten in years to come ;D


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