FTB: Natural remedies

Many of my friends know that I hardly take western medicine for myself or give them to my brood. This started when I began nursing Princess. Though there are meds which are breastfeeding-safe, I was never comfortable taking in ‘drug’. Cos thats what modern medicines essential are- good drugs. I then dabbled with aromatherapy with great success. Now I am more into simple herbs and ingredients in the kitchen to combat common ailments. Lately daddy has taken to calling me the ‘witch doctor’ ;p


-(Learnt this from another mother) Boil young papaya pieces- white flesh is better but brood and i prefer the pale orange. I add dried winter melon or honey/ rock sugar to sweeten this. Its very effective.

– Onion: Boil onion with  sweeteners mentioned above. Another proven method. I actually first learnt of onion’s healing properties when I was looking up for natural expectorants and decongestants.


– My perennial favourite: boil water with rock sugar/ maltose ($1 for 250g bottle from Bee’s Brand medical shops and around $2 for bigger tub in Sheng Siong :)). Add thyme leaves and leave them to steep for a couple of hours. Thyme is filled wit anti-oxidants and taking this regularly is a great health booster!

– I have also been making this so shiok garlic soup,  which is sadly not well appreciated by the brood ;O They are currently anti-soup.

More natural flu/ cough remedies- Little Green Blog : This site also has plenty other home remedies.

Lastly but not the least, our ultimate cure all- is the Manuka honey that I get from Hock Hua Tonic shop. We usually take UFM 10 for daily boost and UFM15/ 20 during illness. They usually have a year-end promotion where there is 20% discount. I stock up my bottles then.

Using these natural remedies has really given me a peace of mind!


2 thoughts on “FTB: Natural remedies

  1. Your fever drink – erm, it’s just basically “liangteh”, lah!

    As for the garlic drink, i think locally we just boil and drink, no cream. My most trusted remedy for cold/stomach upset/flu is just simply boil ginger/onion/garlic, squeeze lime. Add sugar if you must.

    • Liangteh- as in the canned drink?… How I know? Never try before ;p thanks anyway for the heads up… and thanks very much for sharing your ‘method’. Seem super easy to do… I like the cream soup cos you can throw in any ‘unpopular’ veg and get away with it ;> The aroma and texture of roasted garlics is also another magnet for me!

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