The Best Children in the whole wide world

Being a mother- like most journeys, filled with ups and downs. Somedays, it seems like more downs than the other. Most of the time the up days make up for the down days.

All parents want their children to grow up well-mannered, to enjoy success in pursuits especially in studies. How we do so varies from family to family. The destination may be the same- more or less- but the route taken can be so different among different families. No matter how different the families or the background may be, most children are really the same. Reading from parenting books is one thing, seeing it in person is really another. I suppose pre-school teachers may understand this only too well.

I recently got to know a family with two boys. Intriguing experience to say the least- our backgrounds could not be any more different than day and night. Yet how the children behaved and reacted is similar. Thankfully, not all reaction was the same especially in certain areas that are very important to me. Children have their moments just like adults- they can be nice one moment, and mean the next. Loving and affectionate can give away to tantrums and aggression. Demanding turns docile…

Yet each child reacts to situations differently. Thats how my youngest made me proud when faced with challenging situation. The way he curbed his reaction and took the higher road, affirmed that my efforts in trying to bring the brood up well has not been futile at all. My children are really more independent than what I give them credit for. When comparing, you always fall short or better than others. So definitely my brood may not be as talented, as clever in studies, as hardworking – the list goes on…. With the zillion daily hugs and kisses, they are also nagged by me, chided by me or face the roaring volcano aka mommy. Nevertheless they are the/ my best children in the whole wide world! They have made me realise that many a times, a young child’s love is more unconditional than a parent’s.

It is often said that children have the best parents/ family especially when a child has obstacles to overcome. I would like to think that I have been blessed with the best children to love me, nurture me and guide me as I strive to be a better mummy each day I get to be with them. My brood deserves better from me cos, for this mummy- they are simply the BEST CHILDREN in the whole wide world!

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