Creatively clever

Just had to share some gem blogs about craft and DIY stuff… some ideas really get me excited! LIke making coasters out of denim hems, garbage bin/ bowls out of paper and so much more… So if you are into craft and such, you may want to check out the links below ;))

Crafty Crow -So super cool and really really awesome ideas! I usually file almost every newsletter from this site.

Creative Jewish Mom – A newfound gem! Will be trying out the latest feature of using egg shells as mosaic pieces. Daddy needs to be warned about storing washed egg shells ;p

Artful Parent – Another site full of interesting ideas.

I love the sites above as there are plenty of recycling and repurposing ideas- my kind of craft! The following links feature mom/ bloggers who are really geniuses in their own right!

Make it and Love it – you cannot help going oohh… at her gorgeous projects. The tutorials are super easy to follow and very helpful.

Delicious Ambiguity – Wish I had discovered her blog when boys were much younger…. or have another baby just to try the fabulous ideas! ;p (No, T, I am still not going to have another bb ;))

Secret Agent Josephine – A very happening blog by a most interesting person. Check out her cardboard category- its a whole new art form! I have linked to her diary/ brain dump sketches. So original and absolutely creatively awesome!

Oh, this newsletter is a must share! – Fave Crafts : The link leads to crafting with small budget. But do check out the various categories and be blown away. I have a feeling that this xmas, our tree will be decked out with home-made decor… cannot wait to start! ;D

My google reader has so many starred posts from other creative bloggers out there… the list will take up too much of your time, tho .)) Hope the above links inspire you in one way or other ;>

UPDATE: I just saw this post via my google reader. I dare say this list is a must have for all pro and wannabe crafters like moi ;p Check out the DIY toys tutorial link at the blog!

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