Roller coaster year- 2011

It has been quite a whirlwind period the past year.. despite the usual life’ s tidal waves, I am glad we have kept our chins up and still enjoy happy moments… relive some of the good times with me!

birthdays, trips, school musical, and a heartwrenching move

Top row: Surprise birthday celebration at Princess’s fave restaurant, another beach outing, Birthday at Phuket (Kata Beach)

Middle row: Football players-to-be, the little sunshine plays a grubworm in his kindy musical, Princess getting her hair braided by the Kata beach.

Last row: Rock climbing with friends- one of the many outings during Dec holiday, playing amidst cartons packed for move, stunning sunset, maiden trip to Malacca

With that update, the blog is long overdue for a new look for the new year…



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