Standard: Turning 7

The much awaited day


Shopping for birthday present started the day earlier. He chose a robot toy which is supposedly his pet ;)) You can see him introducing another pressie (a blanket with cars and trucks) to his ‘pet’… Chose to sleep in his ‘fortress’ again.


                                                                  His birthday cupcakes-

20120123-161318.jpg 20120123-161335.jpg 20120123-161323.jpg

To celebrate his birthday, we chose to go to Sentosa for fun on wheels. Finally the family enjoyed the cable car ride. The cupcake cutting on the cable car was not as smooth as mummy imagined.

The panoramic ride was smooth despite inital apprehension. The return ride was not as long as we had planned as not all were feeling fine; the return cabin was rather stuffy and paused more than we’d have liked.

The luge where the birthday boy kept pausing, during his first ride due to his ‘sweaty palms’ and segway rides made his day! lovely weather and the fun rides made it a fun day for all of us! ;D

The fun time on wheels@ Sentosa

I had forgotten how unsettling the skyride can be… I mean you are there totally exposed to the elements and feet freely dangling high in open sky is not totally comfortable for me. Thank goodness for the calming presence of my little sunshine- he was so totally cool about it (he was game to ride twice!). I enjoyed the astounding views all around- just not looking below! Can you hear me sounding tensed? ;>

A magnificent tree standing out from the scenic view from the Skyride



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