Standard: My Productive Addiction = Pinterest

I first learnt of Pinterest through the various blogs I (used to) follow. It was originally started as a virtual pinboard where users, also known as pinners, curated ideas for various project boards.

The term ‘curated’ has been dropped and pins are now merely ‘collected’… Curate sounds so loftily appealing but the pull of Pinterest is growing stronger. While there are many gushing (“Thanks to Pinterest…/ Thankfully Pinterest…” is a common line in the blogosphere) over this visually attractive, non-reblogging version of Tumblr, I recently came across couple of posts and comments by non-fans of Pinterest. Well, there are always two sides of a coin and it was very interesting to hear from the detractors. (I need to keep an open mind as I am not too crazy about FB though I eventually jumped on the band wagon)

One description about Pinterest leapt out from the anti-pinning netizens- ‘unattainable perfection’. I had to smile. The Internet is a growing globe of information overload. Most of us by now realize the importance of being discerning when surfing the net. One does not believe everything on the Internet. I think the same principle can be applied to Pinterest which, can also serve as a attractive looking bucket list, if one is inclined to have a virtual one.

So why do I pin?

Visually attractive way of organizing my digital clutter (online bookmarks, ideas, recipes, resources etc) I realize my pinboards are reflection of numerous ideas floating in my head. Chaotic thoughts never looked this good til Pinterest came along!

Pinterest Makes My Day beautiful images, clever ideas delight and motivate me. Its a attractive reprieve from my daily grind. A mom mentioned that she has no time (very understandably) to work on the ideas from Pinterest, but my take is that- one NEED NOT! I like to marvel on others’ creations and ideas- that’s my idea of relaxing.

Melting pot of ideas that excite and inspire. Following pinners with similar interests allows ideas to be shared without intrusion (unlike FB, which is a sort of Pandora’s Box for me)

Pinterest connects kindred souls subtly– we are not alone in our battles, internal or otherwise. You are not the only one with that quirky habit or strange way of thinking.

– Its only most addictive during the honeymoon period as you keep clicking on other users’ pins and reading up about ‘every’ pin (and turn pinsaturated, as i call it;)). time can really fly by. One may point out the negative leveraging in that for those hours of pinning or looking up pins, the results may not be substantial. But the fact is that, one may have remained ignorant of the possibilities or methods if not for Pinterest at all!

Pinterest is now my central collection of ideas for cooking, teaching and my growing beauty pantry. I no longer spend time googling or catching up on my reader subscriptions (the days or 100s of unread feeds are thankfully gone!)

Bloggers have also taken step further in starting series to act on their pins- ideas becoming reality. I too pin my pinspired efforts. For a pinaddict like yours truly, Pinterest has really made the cyberworld more pleasant, inspiring and productive!

Source: Simple Organic



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