Remembering to be Thankful

Despite setbacks, heartaches and what nots aka problems, I always look to what I have as consolation and to get over whatever that’s bothering me. As they say, worry only gives you something to do but nothing to solve matter at hand. And really, I have absolutely nothing to grumble or complain no matter how lacking things seem to be…

But with good life to enjoy, one does become rather complacent and indulgent, and forgetful of the good things. This happened to me a couple of times, recently. I grumbled publicly! shame on me!

eerily, cos not once but twice and very quickly, the issues I grumbled about were resolved almost immediately and with a reminder to be thankful. As I mentioned, the complaints were a tad trivial- less time with the brood, more work (but far from the hours majority of the working population puts in daily). A squashingly crowded peak hour train reminded me of a good life I have chosen for myself… I did say it was trivial.



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