Standard: Marvellous March

oh, what fun this month was! Anticipating the first term school holidays, I made ambitious plans to keep the brood busy. And thankfully all turned out so well…

First on the week’s agenda was the Kidz Carnival at the popular Marina Barrage. As good friends joined us, it was double the fun.


I had planned to go to the zoo to make good use of our membership card and also to take the boys to the much hyped water play area. We were so NOT disappointed! Even though, I did not enjoy the splashy fun, it was pure bliss to see the lil ones playing and splashing happily. My favorite zoo exhibit is the ‘water-spraying’ elephant ;p


The trip to Pulau Ubin was delayed due to rain on the scheduled day. Well, the wet weather meant that I could take some rest as I had really been ‘more active’ than usual. When we finally made it to the island the last Sunday of the month, it was a fabulous outing. We kayaked for the first time and it was so relaxing. Though we missed out on the family favorite exercise- cycling, it was a great day! And yes, we plan to go back to rustic island very soon and more often!









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