Awesome April- on the road to culinary paradise


Daddy’s next career training will see publications such as above ( epicure- 2nd anniversary issue) finding their way to my coffee table and night time reading.

This particular issue has already given me a glimpse into gourmet dining and ‘exotic’ ingredients such as jamón Serrano. This tapas staple is basically a fancy ham cured at hilly areas.


Another fancy food I am so gonna check out is some award-winning French bread! 😀

Especially exciting about this issue are the various fairy tales themed recipes- ‘Alice in Wonderland, The King’s Ham Sandwich, ‘Harry Potter’s Butter Beer battered potato & ham croquettes, just to name a couple.

I am looking forward to trying out this very doable ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’- hopefully as tender and bouncy as the recipe title goes-


Adding icing to the cake is the book review with more recipes, meant for cooking with children! Perfect for the next month long holiday 😀 especially since this title is easily accessible from the library. Books and food- two of my greatest loves… What more can a foodie bookworm ask???


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