Standard: Awesome April: Touch of Bollywood Glamour

April marks the birthday of Princess (a themed barbecue is planned ;p).

This year, we had an early dose of joyride as a childhood friend (Thanks so much, Nith for the really awesome seats! ;)) bestowed us complimentary tickets to the premiere of ‘Housefull2’- a star-studded slapstick comedy of errors! Held at Resorts World Sentosa, it was the closest our local shores graced Bollywood glam to the hilt (after an award show some years back)

Princess and I got to rub shadows with dreamy and biggest names of Bollywood- Kapoors, John Abraham, Akshay Kumar and the sweet Asin.Princess got first hand experience of mobbing fans as stars made appearance on the red carpet.

Akshay Kumar- as dreamy in person as on celluloid

Her angst was soothed as she was rewarded later (just before the movie screening) when John Abraham ‘looked (her) in the eye’ and waved to us- just as how I got the attention of Asin, screaming (and also losing my voice later) out, so untypical of a mummy ;p

The movie was hilarious despite the flimsy plot. I guess the A-list stars lifted the movie with their immense charisma, albeit predictable comic timing. The catchy soundtrack is another saving point. While the movie is the perfect antidote for our daily grind and great movie choice for a chill-out session, the entire star-struck experience is another high point for me this year!

Pictures below: courtesy of nephew


Sweetest Asin with her co-stars



The two hunks of the movies with their comic appearance



The stellar cast


The elder Kapoor



The dreamy star


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