Past 12 months in the last 12 days of 2012

brushing off dust from this neglected blog as the Time to reflect and set goals is here again… I would just want to look back for now.

I don’t need big successes to make my life meaningful but those small moments of laughter and love, hugs and cuddles, rants and tantrums that make my journey larger than life. While there were plenty of celebrations and fun outings, many small but poignant moments make this another year filled with blessings and lesson. So here it goes…

Looking Back- January

January 2012 is definitely a historic milestone for our family as the youngest started Primary school. Not totally a smooth journey but he found his bearings in his own time. Together we discovered his strengths, new skills and overcame lil challenges. Like his siblings, he makes us so proud of him…


Waiting for the school bus


First recess- freedom to choose and spend $$

January is also an especially meaningful start every year for us as the lil one celebrates his birthday. Tis year saw us making it a ‘Wheelies’ celebration as we rode on the cable car for the first time as a family, Segway and lots of Luge fun for the birthday boy who turned 7.



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