Looking back- July

Wow… the first half had just whizzed by (like these last few days of 2012).

July saw me taking part in my first run (more like a walk though ;)) a 3km event with my childhood friend and her daughter. The following week saw me at another short distance event, for which I received a finisher’s medal. After several weeks of morning runs, I was ready to join such events inspired by ‘veteran’ running friends… Extra bonus to these events and morning adrenaline are the race packs and running Ts ;D

IMG_1859 IMG_1862 IMG_1900


Princess’ first food project from her Home Economics class. Yummy!


Finally an aromatic conditioner using ACV


My smoothie journey tis year, saw me experimenting with greens and fruits.

Coconut oil is such a yummy touch to my healthy drinks!


My little Sunshine joins me for a night run when I had to keep up (or push him) with his cycling ;P

Towards the end of July, we got to hear some exciting news about most memorable night to come in August… so ya, stay tuned ;D


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