Looking back- August

Typical me- forgot to publish tis, so its a day a late ;o

I would like to thank each of you for dropping by and joining me, in remembering the happier moments that I am so thankful for…

Yes, as mentioned in earlier post, we heard awesome news that the family’ fave movie hero, Suriya (Saravanan ;)) will be in Singapore for his latest movie launch, Maattrraan. Never before have I been so determined, and the fan-girl me rose to occasion rather admirably ;p And yes, i managed to get tickets for the family, even went as far as to rush to Lil India to get more just in case …. It was so worth the effort!

While he is undoubtedly a superb actor, what made me a bigger fan of his (Daddy is the original fan actually) was watching him host the Tamil version of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’… Got to know him better as a person and looking back at his debut, made me appreciate his struggle and relentless effort to get to the top spot which he does not take for granted. The pictures here do not do justice to the wonderful time in his presence (many of his fans had withdrawal symptoms days later ;p)

But oh the memories… lets just say my teen daughter had to shush me, the screaming fan-girling mummy! LoL….




the delight when i held these in my hands…


Our hero, seated far right (in black blazer) with his famed father


Swooning and screaming my head off every time, I caught a glimpse of his boyish face on the screen



Stage was set for the fantastic show!

Fun and funny moments with meboys…


only the lil one will play with a raw fish!

Outings with boys


Bumper car rides @ Vivocity

After much insistence, I took the boys to Snow City. While initially very excited, they barely lasted half hour in the sub-zero chamber. They took plenty of pictures, smiling away, inside though. Maybe if they had gone in with the daddy… or me? Well, this may be a family trip in the future when they are ready to face the freezing conditions.



The shining sun peeking through the leafy canopy, on one of my morning runs…IMG_1995


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