Looking forward…

Before we welcome the new year, I am thankful that I could back fondly at the happier moments.

(Click above to see how our 2012 was spent)


They become more special because of the tears, despair  and frustration that fill the void between joyful times. But like many, I prefer to share and celebrate the better times despite being one who wears her heart on her sleeve. Saving face, or not wanting to wash dirty linen in public, or simply looking on the brighter side- whatever may be the reason, all of us live to laugh and love.

I have long stopped making resolutions but that does not stop me from wanting to improve myself and make progress. So cheers to live with more love, more laughs, more good news, more successes, more food and more drinks!

My main motto for 2013- Mummy with A Mission!




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