Quote: Be awesome! Be …

Be awesome! Be a Book Nut!Dr Seuss

Something inexplicable triggered the hunger to read more, read continuously, read widely…


And 2012 saw me borrowing more books for myself than the brood (*gasp*) I joined GoodReads last year, and followed several book bloggers on Twitter.

As 2013 neared, I came across reading challenges and few more in the first week- surely a sign! Not that I need additional incentive to read but its just so fun to have reading company…

So the last weekend of 2012 saw me hauling favourite authors and books from the past to welcome 2013. Here’s the precious stash from the local library-

PG Wodehouse, Agatha Christie and Alexander McCall Smith (top to bottom)


This especially made me so so happy! I had been looking forward to revisiting this timeless tale…

When I ‘remember’ to get off Twitter and other social media, I immerse myself between the pages especially when children are in school. Books are awesome company when I commute… one reason why I have been resisting smartphones. Do we really need to be that connected on the go? I rather get lost among pages of book…

So this year, I have committed to completing 30 books – a modest number but one I am very comfortable with. After all,  I need to be realistic about the time for magazines and social media ;p , among other priorities.

l will compile and post my list of to-read titles from GoodReads and elsewhere- this list is likely to have more than 30 titles. That is my way of keeping options open since I dont buy books, but mostly borrow them from the library. May look out for more on Freecycle or the local website for pre-loved books.

These are the places I will be sharing my read books-

LifeYourWay’s Weekly Reads Book Club (soon to be launched)

2013 TBR Pile Reading Challenge

GoodReads’ 2013 Reading Challenge – (really need to update the books I read here- my last year count of 8 books read is far from reality! 😉

Before I sign off, many wonder how I ‘find’ time to read amidst the usual ‘busy’ schedule. As they say, if its a priority and important enough, making time is not so difficult. It helps that all my children are much bigger and are in school longer. Not working full-time is another boon and commuting on public trains and buses is another blessing as I spend the traveling time reading. I now ensure my bag always has a book after a few disappointing solo and boring outings without one.

While the quote above describes me to a T, it also sets a fabulous tone for 2013. 

Hope you too make time read more…


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