Me & Me Boys…

Sons are truly every mom’s unique fan clubs! While my teen daughter and I are navigating new fields of friendship and retain the parent-child bond, my boys are still at the age when I am still allowed to cuddle them.

I love chatting with me boys… They are so observant, perceptive and intelligent! They often ask for tales of their younger days, and so thankfully, the old posts from this blogs make up for this momma’s forgetfulness ;p

Both are planning to grow their savings- BIG! Since i try to match their savings with my paltry income, I told them I need to work more often and longer to keep up with their growing piggy-bank. My elder son declared- ONLY in the early mornings… cos I want to be with you after school! –Β awwww! and that too with a tight hug! Ahh, such moments so make up for the crazy moments ;P

Both have taken to going down by themselves to take the school bus. The lil Sunshine started tis in the very first week of school- 2nd day? I will stand outside my door to watch him wait (at least 10mins!- wonder why he wants to leave so early! ;o) and board the bus. The older boy needs to leave by 6.15am (yes such unearthly hours are so norm here, arent they ;)) and of course I prefer to wait with him. But when he too asked to go down by himself, this protective momma so had to restrain herself from clipping their growing wings…

Planning to make the weekday frisbee session with the older boy a regular affair… And hoping their Friday late-night football sessions continue as long as possible


2 thoughts on “Me & Me Boys…

  1. Awww.. That is SO sweet! Lucky you having two sweet boys to hug & protect you! So blessed! Plus the eldest princess to be with you too.. Treasure these moments and I wish you well my dear. xoxo

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