Greenfix with the brood and friends

First week, continued –

So as part of a friend’s June catchphrase – Stay Active and also me wanting to back to my favourite green spot, we set off to Singapore Botanic Gardens. A simple picnic turned out to be late lunch picnic for me and brood. When I say picnic, please banish the thoughts of painstakingly home-prepared food and snacks! (so not me! at least not most of the time 😉 Usually its just grapes, chips and easy to munch snacks.

There was no fixed plans except to have oodles of easy fun- they love climbing the tree, an icon I want them to remember as part of the childhood.



its the company of a notebook today, usually another bookworm will be perched there


starting his climb


me getting my green fix

More greenfix in the air

More greenfix in the air



Tired sister amusing the brothers in one last game of the outing


No visit to our favourite garden is complete without spotting the swan and the fishes


Little did we know that such carefree days enjoyed outdoors were limited this month-long break

3 thoughts on “Greenfix with the brood and friends

  1. What a lovely day at the park! It’s so good to know we still have kids like yours loving the park as they should – jumping, running, climbing, read, games and whatnots! Great job Momma 😉 Love the pics!

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