Adorable Son

The founder of my 1-man fan club (which grew with arrival of the younger brother), one who loves me completely without being OTT,  one who always looks out for me and the one who never fails to amaze me with his tricks!

He is in K2 this year- growing to be such a big boy. Yet, always wanting to be momma’s boy ;p He can dance so well and he always blows us away with his smooth moves. Yet he is so unpretentious about his talent. 

If the sister is a TV zombie, he can be such a computer junkie. The rate he picks up various game skills and understanding instructions is mind boggling. Yes, he is no longer in the adorable stage (its is brother’s turn now) but he will always be adorable to his mummy. 

When the sister first saw him at the nursery (shortly after being born), she thought he was a Chinese baby. He is the only one who takes after the mummy in being fair. His aunt says that he is replica of the mother when she was that age. I dont know except that he is way smarter and more capable than his momma at that age!

The memory of him running around, outside our previous ground level flat, only in his diapers and nothing else- is permanently etched in my memory. And to think that such cutie has grown to be such thinking and analytical and adoring chap!

He is focused- not sure to attribute it to Kumon or computer games ;p-, takes pride in appearance and loves taking photos of self! ;D

He wants to drive a racing car, ride a motorbike and love performing ‘magic’ for his mommy. He should chase his dreams and believe that magic can become real. His magic is always captivating enough for the mother. 

As much as mummy basks in his adoration, she knows it is short-lived. One day, his eyes would be only for another woman. Til then, the mummy will enjoy her fan club!


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