Princess Daughter

2012- Update

Now a 13yo, she has gone through her first year in secondary school with relative ease, with the usual ups and downs of teenage life. She is member of NPCC and her school’s newly formed GLEE club.

Stylish and chic, she is one sleeping beauty with a sensible head. Just that the good sense seems to disappear when it comes to bedtime …



She has the sweetest smile and a melodious voice (though she doesn’t sing to me as often as I’d like her to ;o) She has been such a responsible and entertaining sister.

Being the firstborn, she is extra special- in her own0 but she does not realise how much. She loves composing jingles and enjoys wordplay. Can be such a TV zombie yet loves cycling and roller-blading.  Oh, she picked up in-line skating like within a single day! Yes, she is my amazing precious daughter. She took guitar lessons sometime ago, hopefully that could be resumed in the coming year.She is now into water colouring and enjoying her cosy loft of a room.

She will be turning 10 soon. Where did the time all fly by? Where is the baby i nursed for nearly 4years? Oh, we used to call her ‘Energiser baby’. No matter how sleepy or tired she had been, once she had her fill of mummy’s milk, she will be whizzing about, just like the battery bunny ;p When she used to go out in the open space, outside our previous flat, to play- her presence could be so clearly heard within a wide radius ;> She still is a loud presence!

I am definitely looking forward to, what i think, will be the transition year come 2009- academically and as a growing young lady. I will strive to maintain the open communication we enjoy now. No matter how much reprimanding she gets from us, she is the apple of our eyes!

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