Sunshine Baby

Ah, I wonder even if this virtual space has enough to accommodate all that I want to share about this very very special and so easily lovable son of mine!

Sunshine baby- he is the only who wakes up with such a bright smile that it certainly brightens our day, much more than the sun is able. His cheerful grin, the twinkle in his eye makes such good mornings for all of us! He laughs as often as he breathes- his smile goes right up to his eyes, its that smile in the eyes makes him so extraordinary. 

Just as he is  quick to smile and laugh, he is also prone to being easily provoked. He hates being teased and used to be overwhelmed by his anger and frustration. But he is slowly managing his own temper and is not physically aggressive as before. He is definitely a survivor who knows how to look out for himself!

He loves teasing his family members, enjoying singing Tamil songs robustly, is very (relatively) knowledgeable about vehicles and transportation. One of his fave websites is YouTube, when he can endless watch videos on trains, monster trucks and,  sometime ago, – a song clip from Bheema. His rendition of that fave song is my ring tone ;p

He is quick to learn- well he is adamant about keeping up with the siblings. Enjoys helping the parents to cook and wash clothes. He is such a bugs bunny!- always munching on greens- cabbage, cucumber and even curry leaves!!! He is the first one wanting to go out- be it to the market, shop or one of our outings. 

He still sucks on the two fingers of his left hand. The nail bite polish was effective but it has not been  used consistently. Just hope he outgrows this habit in the very near future.  His 4th birthday is just around the corner. Mummy is so excited as she has ordered very special cakes for him. Hope those and the events make his day, the way he makes ours!


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