Something interesting to try! Keeping Eyes open and be shutter-ready.

With free entry to museums, it’ll be such a crying shame not to visit at least once!

Outings, movies and plenty of lazy time!!

The first weekday of tis June holiday-


Blanket monsters!


Not crying but guffawing at being caught off-guard by the ‘intended victim’!


Off to the pool!


Relishing the barefoot walk!


Passing showers which stopped in time for us to walk back without getting wet.


First of many more…

The oh-so happy news was such a pleasant surprise and welcome reprieve during the year-end holidays… This letter bore the wonderful news-


Letter dated 27 November 2012

Letter dated 27 November 2012

So the 2nd Saturday of 2013 saw us make our way to the award ceremony (me rushing after the 4pm class)… Princess made a very modest estimate of the award value, while I was not surprised.


She is spurred to move on to the faster stream next year… while I pray this motivates to work hard for more such awards to fund her future studies especially if she’s serious about her overseas dreams (or are they mine? ;))

Current and future recipients with the smiling family and presenting VIPs

Current and future recipients with the smiling family and presenting VIPs

Awesome April- on the road to culinary paradise


Daddy’s next career training will see publications such as above ( epicure- 2nd anniversary issue) finding their way to my coffee table and night time reading.

This particular issue has already given me a glimpse into gourmet dining and ‘exotic’ ingredients such as jamón Serrano. This tapas staple is basically a fancy ham cured at hilly areas.


Another fancy food I am so gonna check out is some award-winning French bread! 😀

Especially exciting about this issue are the various fairy tales themed recipes- ‘Alice in Wonderland, The King’s Ham Sandwich, ‘Harry Potter’s Butter Beer battered potato & ham croquettes, just to name a couple.

I am looking forward to trying out this very doable ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’- hopefully as tender and bouncy as the recipe title goes-


Adding icing to the cake is the book review with more recipes, meant for cooking with children! Perfect for the next month long holiday 😀 especially since this title is easily accessible from the library. Books and food- two of my greatest loves… What more can a foodie bookworm ask???


The day I felt like a tourist in my own country

Theatre for Rock Musical

Our first visit to the increasingly popular Universal Studio Singapore was to celebrate Daddy’s birthday. Typical of our beloved island, the theme park is filled with snaking queues, which generally moved fast. The Transformer Ride, expectedly but deceivingly had the longest queue where we waited for nearly an hour! And it was worth the wait naturally. As long as one as the patience and enjoys the speedy rides, the entrance ticket is really value for money! But for us except for Princess, the Gallatica rides were stomach churning just to view the whizzing tram! Let the pictures tell you our enjoyment!

Memorable time

First month of school

Wow- the first month of the new year has just whizzed by. As everyone progresses into the second month, I need to review how we have started off and mull over the progress for the next few months. 

Princess and Sunshine- their school schedule is more or less set and they both have gotten rather busy in the first month esp Princess. 

Princess became busy from day 1 due to her CCA commitments and subsequent twice weekly supplementary lessons. Her only free afternoon on Friday is now ‘threatened’ by MT remedial. Sigh- she does need the extra coaching both at home and in school.  Thanks to all the hard lessons last year, she is slightly more conscientious about getting work done early. She is also part of her class newspaper/ blog team. I am excited for her and also anxious about her coping with her ultra busy schedule. I need to model to her the need for schedule planning and having a to-do list (Its actually a joke that I ‘teach’ this life skills when I am barely proficient in these. Well, one always can learn!)

Adorable had chosen table-tennis for his CCA and is enjoying it tremendously. Thus, he is on the move throughout the day on Thursdays. His CCA begins in the morning at 10am and after school, he goes for TKD in the evening til 9.30pm. So far, he relishes his schedule and is very upbeat about school and everything else in his life. 

Sunshine is enjoying K1 tremendously. He is now more forthcoming in sharing about happenings in school. Eager to do writing work on his own and beginning to recognise some words and try to spell others. I love ferrying him to kindy two ways though it can be very tiring. 

With school commitments and schedules in place, a home revision plan will soon be implemented. I am not going to be complacent about Adorable’s learning of MT like I was for Princess. Seeing her struggle now has made me learn my lesson- Tamil books are part of bedtime stories now. Sunshine also needs to be exposed to more print and encouraged to read on his own. 

Boys are  usually not known to be avid  readers. I realise all children love books and stories when young. This is the best time to tap and maintain their interest in books and reading. Adorable enjoys books from library and Sunshine loves poring over photos in books and learning more information. I just need continue feeding their hunger for reading.

Turning 5 in Bintan


Chocolate Birthday cake- words by Sunshine


About a week ago, Sunshine turned 5. When we wished him in the morning, when he had woken up, he shushed us and told us that he will only be 5 years old in Bintan! ;p

By noon we had started for the Tanah Merah Ferry terminal and soon on our way to Bintan. Despite the heavy rain that morning, the weather remained clear and sunny throughout the day and the weekend. It was definitely a fun day for the entire family as we checked into a clean spacious villa, spent the afternoon and early evening at the shiok beach. Sunshine had great fun riding the buggy with daddy. He was appointed leader for the day, a role which he relished tremendously. 

He loved his birthday cake and was regretful when it was all consumed. He had wanted to bring back some to Singapore ;>

Its very clear that the baby of the family is growing all so quickly. He kept referring to the hermit crabs at the  as ‘mermaid crabs’ ;> Upon realising that I was still teasing him about it upon our return, he promptly has made effort to say it correctly. He is so much taller and starting to read few words. 

Weeks before the birthday, I was ‘grumbling’ about him growing so quickly and that he will not be so cute anymore (IMHO, after 5 yos, children lose their cuteness and just start growing up!) He then solemnly promised, with his usual cheeky smile, he will remain cute and will always love and hug mommy. Well, he still keeps his words. I will always cherish the way his small arms reach out to me, at night, pull me close to his head and hold me tight. He is now speaking to me mostly in English and I am starting to worry about him losing his grasp of Tamil.

He asked if his birthday would come again. I replied that many many many happy and healthy birthdays will follow for him. yes, as any parent, I wish my cherubic Sunshine numerous returns of happy healthy birthdays!

Awaiting the first day of school

Tomorrow school reopens. Its such a big milestone for our children.

Princess  will be in upper primary, her last  two years in primary school. Adorable starts his primary school journey (I call them roller coaster rides- its a double ride for us! ;p) The youngest, Sunshine, will be in K1, serious pre-school now ;>

The past one week has been one of great anticipation- what with some school shopping, books arriving and packing the bag. Sunshine was rather envious when  two boxes filled with school books arrived for his older siblings. He soon got over it, by packing his own bag with just his pencil-box ;>

Princess, seasoned to school preparation needed no help; while Adorable amazed me with his organisation of  books in his school bag- that skill is surely inherited from the daddy ;p

For the very first time, I will go through a period when my children will be in different sessions. I have lamenting on that to my family, just about forever! Whenever possible (more like when I was up to it;) I would take children to parks and just chill out. I love being with my children when (almost) the rest of my countrypeople are working away- some caught in rat race. 

I am so going to MISS that!!! Yes, I will especially miss Adorable, just the same way I missed Princess when she started going to primary school. Only then, I had no idea  how much I would miss her, unlike now. 

Gong gong me realised, very recently, that my usual relaxed schedule needs a complete overhaul since I have two young boys to get ready in the morning. I am also worrying how Adorable will cope between lunch at home and his (second) recess in school. Like most boys, he gets hungry frequently. I have been giving them frequent small meals. The four hour gap between his meals/ snacks is really making me rather anxious ;o

I never had to worry about my children’s academic ability- hope to remain that way ;)) Its just (not so) nitty gritty things- peer influence/ pressure, social manners among others that make me apprehensive. 

Well, its all part of parenting journey. While we worried about the seemingly endless periods of illness when they were younger, now school matters take precedence. And as they grow, I am sure I will be more perturbed by even more pressing issues. I shall take it all in stride just like all other parents. Its another rite of passage for me, as a mummy.