Creatively clever

Just had to share some gem blogs about craft and DIY stuff… some ideas really get me excited! LIke making coasters out of denim hems, garbage bin/ bowls out of paper and so much more… So if you are into craft and such, you may want to check out the links below ;))

Crafty Crow -So super cool and really really awesome ideas! I usually file almost every newsletter from this site.

Creative Jewish Mom – A newfound gem! Will be trying out the latest feature of using egg shells as mosaic pieces. Daddy needs to be warned about storing washed egg shells ;p

Artful Parent – Another site full of interesting ideas.

I love the sites above as there are plenty of recycling and repurposing ideas- my kind of craft! The following links feature mom/ bloggers who are really geniuses in their own right!

Make it and Love it – you cannot help going oohh… at her gorgeous projects. The tutorials are super easy to follow and very helpful.

Delicious Ambiguity – Wish I had discovered her blog when boys were much younger…. or have another baby just to try the fabulous ideas! ;p (No, T, I am still not going to have another bb ;))

Secret Agent Josephine – A very happening blog by a most interesting person. Check out her cardboard category- its a whole new art form! I have linked to her diary/ brain dump sketches. So original and absolutely creatively awesome!

Oh, this newsletter is a must share! – Fave Crafts : The link leads to crafting with small budget. But do check out the various categories and be blown away. I have a feeling that this xmas, our tree will be decked out with home-made decor… cannot wait to start! ;D

My google reader has so many starred posts from other creative bloggers out there… the list will take up too much of your time, tho .)) Hope the above links inspire you in one way or other ;>

UPDATE: I just saw this post via my google reader. I dare say this list is a must have for all pro and wannabe crafters like moi ;p Check out the DIY toys tutorial link at the blog!

FTB: Natural remedies

Many of my friends know that I hardly take western medicine for myself or give them to my brood. This started when I began nursing Princess. Though there are meds which are breastfeeding-safe, I was never comfortable taking in ‘drug’. Cos thats what modern medicines essential are- good drugs. I then dabbled with aromatherapy with great success. Now I am more into simple herbs and ingredients in the kitchen to combat common ailments. Lately daddy has taken to calling me the ‘witch doctor’ ;p


-(Learnt this from another mother) Boil young papaya pieces- white flesh is better but brood and i prefer the pale orange. I add dried winter melon or honey/ rock sugar to sweeten this. Its very effective.

– Onion: Boil onion with  sweeteners mentioned above. Another proven method. I actually first learnt of onion’s healing properties when I was looking up for natural expectorants and decongestants.


– My perennial favourite: boil water with rock sugar/ maltose ($1 for 250g bottle from Bee’s Brand medical shops and around $2 for bigger tub in Sheng Siong :)). Add thyme leaves and leave them to steep for a couple of hours. Thyme is filled wit anti-oxidants and taking this regularly is a great health booster!

– I have also been making this so shiok garlic soup,  which is sadly not well appreciated by the brood ;O They are currently anti-soup.

More natural flu/ cough remedies- Little Green Blog : This site also has plenty other home remedies.

Lastly but not the least, our ultimate cure all- is the Manuka honey that I get from Hock Hua Tonic shop. We usually take UFM 10 for daily boost and UFM15/ 20 during illness. They usually have a year-end promotion where there is 20% discount. I stock up my bottles then.

Using these natural remedies has really given me a peace of mind!

FTB: Feel Good posts

Yes with all the distractions- online and offline- I still would like to share some great posts that I have come across. I have shared some of the links with close friends. Hope you enjoy them too… Oh, while I was searching for images online, I came across this festival– interesting…

From Serene Journey- Some simple questions everyone needs to ask now and then….

Local daily reminders – Chasing our dreams

From New Urban Habitat- Slow livingsurely an alien concept to many of us in this busy busy island

Words of wisdom – Ego boosters that we all need every now and then…

From The Budding Planet- Aromatic remedy… (now this has given me the idea for the next theme for posts ;))

Book lovers


So easy to fall in love with books!

I love books, Princess loves reading, so do the boys and daddy likes to read mostly Grisham and Dan Brown books (well, I am trying to get him to expand his reading choices 😉 So yeah, we are very much into books ;D I once believed that a girl cannot have too many shoes or bags (it still applies to young/ single babes ;)) and now my firm belief is that no child can have too many books!

I will like to share two blogs about books for, whom else, children!

Valentines’ Day is couple of days away and frankly I am tired of the frenzy especially online ;( Until I saw this post on love books for little ones. I love the idea of Valentines for and with the brood… Dont think I will shop for V-day goodies or pressies… oh well, inspiration will come at the last minute as usual ;D

This post on Read Alouds is rather informative and gives me more options to look out for in the library. 

Enjoy the books and blogs reading! ;D

Time online

I discovered blogosphere last year and have been hooked on reading blogs ever since. Though self- help is not big here in SG, I am one who sees myself as a woman in progress. While I languish in my imperfections, it does help to improve oneself a little (okay, improve alot in my case- LOL! ;)) Thus these blogs help me realise that there are other people in similar situations and who can make good- by sharing tips and experiences and make lives more productive and even meaningful. 

I am learning to focus on being a purposeful parent. I am learning to overcome obstacles (mostly my personal demons 😉 I am learning… well just so much!

I believe in sharing good things. Thus I have decided to share blog post(s) to ponder over/ enjoy a laugh or two/ remind us to be thankful regularly (what I share may not be a recent post as my reader tells me I have over 200 unread posts! ;p- hey that shows I have a life offline rite ;)) I am not sure how the sharing feature in Google reader works so this ‘series’ of blog posts and hey it helps with the content here ;p Not that my brood are of any less interesting subjects ;D

So to kick off this series, I thought of sharing one post thats about online productivity (or the semi-lack of it ;))

Be warned- clicking on the links in the above post will have glued to the screen for longer than you had planned and distract you from whatever you had started out to do online. I shall not claim responsibility for your increased awareness as a result or the total lack of work done! ;p

Another post shares a philosophy I hold close to my heart and trying to live by- Be immune to consumerism and live simply. Less is definitely more is so many ways!

I will try hard not to keep referring to my favorite bloggers found here, here, here and here…oh and here ;p (I better stop there, otherwise I will not have much else to share in future. ;)) I have mentioned them often before and as much as I appreciate them tremendously, there is a galaxy beyond their blogs.

Hope you find something useful/ meaningful/ funny in the blog posts I share. ;D