Menu planning- Feb 3rd week

The sources for these recipes are from the recipes folder in my yahoo mail. I looked up digests from one yahoo group and also referred to some great fish recipes a good friend had shared sometime ago. Nothing beats tried and tested recipes and I hope I do justice to what she has shared 😉

I also learnt that my fave stalls in the market will be closed beyond the CNY period. Looks like the economy is definitely recovering with the grocers taking longer holiday. Then my regular green grocer informed that her supplier in M’sia will be closed til next weekend hence she cannot open for business either. I have shopped as much as possible for the entire weekend but there’s only so much our tiny fridge can store. Hey no complaints- a well-stocked fridge is something to be thankful for (though its working harder to keep the contents fresh)


Thankful to be blessed with a full fridge


Tues (16/2) – Yoghurt gravy, zucchini sticks and cannon balls

Wed (17/2) – Spicy baked shrimp and zucchini rice

Thurs (18/2) – Toasted herb rice with chicken crispers

Fri (19/2) – shrimp fried rice and pan fried/ steamed salmon

Sat (20/2) – Jambalaya and salmon fingers

Sun (21/2) – Butter chicken and lentil soup

Menu planning- Feb 2nd week

Managed to stick to most of previous week’s menu 😉 with minimal changes, by my standard ;p This week will see a repeat of few dishes from previous weeks as there are some frozen food.

Mon (8/2) – Noodles with minced chicken

Tues (9/2) – nasi lemak with ikan bilis (anchovies) sambal and omelette (It’s the brood’s fave and a very low-cost meal ;))

Wed (10/2) – Pasta (It’s a new recipe which will definitely be modified 🙂

Thurs (11/2) – Mutton curry and spinach raita (Princess loves mutton and mummy loves the spinach raita! :))

Fri (12/2) – Kirai stew and tempeh sambal with ikan bilis

Sat (13/2) – Chicken curry and brinjal in yoghurt (Princess has been asking for chicken curry for sometime)

Sun (14/2) – Mee Kuah

Mon (15/2) – Burgers

It will be the CNY weekend so I definitely need to shop ahead for ingredients to last me through the days when the market will be closed.

Menu planning- Feb 1st week

I managed to plan the menu for next week within half hour. Thats the fastest so far, I reckon. I expect it to be speedier as the weeks go by because I have repeated most of the recipes randomly on my online calendar. 

I was also pleasantly surprised to review that no beef is included this week. For the record, we love beef and I find it rather versatile an ingredient for many of my quick meals. However, I have also been getting more concerned how beef consumption affects the environment more adversely than eating chicken; and also about the diet of the cattle. Research shows grass-fed cattle are less harmful to our  health than grain-fed ones. The latter have numerous harmful effects- result of cancerous cells is one ;(( So until I find out what the cattle are fed, my mind will not be at ease.  

For this coming week, I look forward to make the following:

Mon (1/2) – Eggplant curry and potato spinach (Sunshine recently discovered how yummy raw spinach is and has been munching on copious amount of the leafy veg ;)) {the curry looked so yummy with the pink hue- from the blended tomato -mingled with the dark eggplants. I snapped a picture but the pictures did not do justice so i am not posting it. The potato spinach tasted rather good too.}

Tues (2/2) – Veg sambar and fishball sambal (my fishball sambal these days is so far from yummy ;((

Wed (3/2) – Fried bee hoon and cereal prawn (My niece asked for the latter dish last week but I did not manage to get the shrimps. Hope she can come by this week to try this 😉

Thurs (4/2) Kirai (Tamil for any green leafy veg) stew  and tempeh sambal with ikan bilis

Fri (5/2) – Mun Yee Mee  (for once i try follow the recipe and the sauce was too salty :(( 

Sat (6/2) – Chicken rice with honey soya sauce chicken  (since daddy offered to cook, it was ayam goreng chicken rice 😉

Sun (7/2) – Lemon rice aka Kitcheri, potato with mint leaves (I have yet to decide what meat to cook. Whimsy me will be inspired when I go to market during the week ;)) (Its daddy cooking again- so it’d be just simple rasam and scrambled egg with tomatoes)

Menu Planning- Jan 3rd week

Used in previous week's Baked spaghetti

Wheat spaghetti and cherry tomatoes- Baked Spaghetti (from previous week)


The changes in previous week’s menu plan were obviously numerous. Thats me- I survive in flexibility and not in being rigidly stuck to plans. As I had mentioned- these are guides for my marketing and mainly stand-by lest I get attacked by ‘cooking block’ ;> In fact, the draft menu I had planned for this week, on my google calendar is so different from the one I made for marketing list and even the version I share here varies greatly from the first version. So I will now update my online calendar as I do rely a fair bit on the email reminders ;P No worries for me- I just keep all the ideas for future reference. 

Talking about ideas- the parenting forum had been abuzz with recipes and a good friend share more veg recipes. So the next couple of weeks will see me experimenting with veg dishes. After all that cheese and western meals (daddy declared he missed having rice! 😉 its back to basic Indian cooking for a while, using whats remaining in my fridge. Thats another vital aspect of menu planning- cooking with what you have. My fridge is still filled to the edges so my marketing will be kept minimal this week. 

(Expectedly, I did not follow strictly to the plan below. I have updated what i remember of cooking and enjoying some of the dishes below)

Sunday (17/01) – Veg dhal (sambar) and chicken sambal.

Monday (18/01) – Meatball spaghetti soup and home-made burgers (Sunshine had been asking for meatballs since last week)

Tuesday (19/01) – Spinach dhal, fried bittergourd and sardine sambal  It was spinach raita, with herb rice and mongolian beef. The entire combo was simply super, the only positive highlight for a most unproductive day then.

Wednesday (20/01) – Nasi lemak, ikan bilis sambal and omelette with grated carrots

Thursday (21/01) – Kitcheri with tempeh sambal and beef stir fry

We will be heading to Bintan for the weekend for Sunshine’s birthday. I will be back in the kitchen the following Tuesday. Most probably will depend on daddy to make something on Monday evening to sustain us for the next day. (I just learnt to schedule future posts so there will be a menu plan for the 4th week as soon as my brain gets to it! ;))

Menu planning- Jan 2nd week


Photo courtesy of


I have been sharing recipes on a couple of forums lately. A food blog (not yes, another one!;)) is also waiting in line. Since I aim to be more consistent in planning meals, I thought I may just start sharing the links that I refer to and share my culinary experiments.

By no means, I am an accomplished cook (I firmly believe that the daddy is a much better cook than I am) but I do cook for a hungry brood almost daily and I love to experiment. To my credit, my success rate is getting higher and higher ;D Well, you know what they say about practice makes perfect. (And as I have assured a good friend, if I can do it, anybody can! The Asian cook, who coined that phrase, has no right to say that, not when he can chop/dice the way he does ;o)

So here’s my first menu plan for the year (these will be posted here until my food blog is ready to be published 😉 Oh, another thing to take note,  I may not always follow the menu according to each day. Meaning, although I had planned to make the fried rice and fish cakes on Tuesday, I swopped them to Sunday- thats the whimsy me ;> However, this plan will be my guide to my marketing. Whenever possible, I will also post updates and share my learnings (aka areas for improvement ;)) 

Sunday (10/01) – Shrimp Fried Rice and Thai Fish cake  {Brood found the rice too pepperish and daddy liked the fish cakes. I think the latter can be improved- though I cannot specify how)

Monday (11/01) – Baked Spaghetti ( I have already made the sauce using this recipe , using cherry tomatoes instead of tinned ones) (Spaghetti mixed with egg, butter and cheese gave it the creamy sauce taste which I love but not the brood. So it was kinda nice to have ‘best’ of both sauce taste. Children need time to take to this dish. There was so much left that the remaining is frozen for another meal)

Tuesday (12/01) – Mutton curry with spinach raita. I may serve these with Zucchini rice since I have those. Adorable had been asking for fried rice so daddy obliged. 

Wednesday (13/01) – Chicken rice (made with ready-made paste) and honey lemon chicken. I am still pondering what salad/ veg to add. (All suggestions will be greatly welcomed ;)) (Sauce was very lemony sour. Since the whole family loves lemons and sour taste, it was ok with us. No more lemon chicken rice from the stall ;))

Thursday (14/01) – Phad Thai (this is modified from an online recipe which will be posted once I locate it ;))  Adorable asked for mutton curry and cucumber raita. Since daddy was home that day, I could go and get the mutton from market. We did not use the usual masala mix hence the curry was not yummy as usual ;o

Friday (15/01) – Glass noodles with minced meat  Mummy was feeling sluggish and thankfully had leftovers for lunch and Macdelivery for dinner ;(

Saturday (16/01) – Zucchini/ Herb rice with Thai beef stir fry  Daddy agreed to make pizza and there was plenty of cheese to be used up anyway.

You may notice that some dish do not have links cos they are our home tried and tested dishes. These recipes will be shared in the very near future.

Hope you find some of these sites helpful when you are up to cooking yourself and feel free to let me know how they turn out when you make them ;D