Family holidays

Ok, the blog had been neglected for sometime despite me having numerous entries to post- either too busy or lazy! ;p A comment from my dearest niece prompted me to get the fingers on the keyboard ;> Well the following was drafted immediately returning from the holiday. And some of the posts may not be in order of events as I am just post all that has been stored in the grey matter. So bear with me for this deluge of events and happenings ;D

KL- Malaysia (March 2009)

Ah! After two years since our maiden family holiday to Tioman, we set off again to KL this time. As I wanted an experienced-filled break, we decided to fly one way and then return by coach. And it being an urban vacation, it was an eye-opener to our neighbouring capital 😉

I did some research online for suitable accommodation and sight-seeing for the very short trip up north. Thanks to some great reviews by a mother’s travel blog and recommendations by more mothers, I settled for Royale Bintang Damansara. We also chose Jetstar airline as it supposedly had less incidences of delayed flights than Air Asia but we were so proven wrong! ;(

The ‘re-timed’ flight certainly got us on a not-so nice start to the holiday. After a reluctant leisurely stroll thru the various transit areas, we boarded the plane after much waiting. I was surprised to learn that the princess was actually very nervous about going on her very first flight. Daddy tried to lighten her while the two boys were rather excited. As it was really dark (it was past 9pm by the time we took off, despite it being 7pm flight!) boys did not really take in much of the hangar and the runway. So the next flight will definitely be a day time one!

IT was a short bumpy flight. I hear that budget planes are like that. It was just nearly 11pm when we landed in KLIA. After landing, for a while, we thought we were lost. We were going round and round trying to locate the baggage area. It took us sometime to learn that we had to take the shuttle train to another part of the airport to collect baggage. Adorable did not take to the high-speed shuttle train. I was very surprised at his reaction. And by the time we got the baggage and were ready to leave the airport, it was so close to midnight! Of cos, we still had to stop for a short supper as all were hungry. There are so many Burger Kings in KL!

Thank goodness we had checked with the hotel previously, on getting there. We were advised to take taxi which should cost less than 100ringgit. Imagine our shock when we were quoted nearly 200 ringgit! Again, I was thankful for the warnings I had gotten about the notorious KL taxi and touts and such. We stood our ground and flatly refused to take the overcharging drivers. One kind soul agreed to take us to the airport for 100ringgit. Though it was still higher than expected, considering how late it was- we were just happy to set off!

AFter checking in, stepping into the wonderful room washed away all the fatigue and grumpiness from the very late arrival. In addition to two single beds, there was also a KING sized bed in another room separated by sliding doors. Now that was a real holiday for me!- having all that sleeping space ;p It is also confirmed that my brood are such hotel roomies. They were so delighted to have own TV and the bathtub that they would have been happy to spend the entire holiday in the hotel ;)))

Despite the initial anxiety about getting around without a car, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the hotel provides complimentary shuttle services to the nearest LRT station and KLCC. Despite it being in the suburbs and many taxi drivers wondering at our choice of hotel, I am definitely going back to Damansara. It is a really worthwhile place and is easily connected to city area. I love how the malls were so conveniently linked and the directories available for the connecting malls. The synergy between the shopping centers was very much welcomed. And of course there were so many familiar brands and outlets, that it was really no different from Singapore. But i did find the very affordable clothing at TESCO (finally i learn what it is about 😉 of much better quality than from its counterparts in SG. 

We went to KLCC, caught sight of the Twin Towers. Nothing impressive, sad to say. The shopping mall reminded me of Takashimaya in SG which isnt exactly my fave mall. We caught the movie ‘Hotel for Dogs’ at the Cathay cineleisure next to the hotel. Tix are definitely so much cheaper- needless to say!

The train rides were fun though they are pretty common like our local MRT and it was impressive how KL is well-connected. This trip was very much like a recce to KL. I will plan a longer holiday next time and hopefully include hotel hopping as I’d also like to either Ipoh or Penang from Damansara. 

Well, hopefully I get to upload the pix pretty soon. And now for the next post.. which event shall I share about? Hhhmmm… 😀

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