Bintan- Jan 2010

Frolicking by the beach

2 weeks ago, we were enjoying the waves of Bintan and meals under starry skies.

Thanks to daddy’s workplace, he had managed to secure a villa to celebrate Sunshine’s 5th birthday. We left on the Friday afternoon and returned on Monday.

I am certain that there are other more beautiful and pristine beaches around the world. But for now, Bintan, especially the amazing waves, have captured our hearts. Daddy is so enamoured that he wants to go back again! ;p Yes, somehow we enjoyed the sea here more than the crystal clear waters of Tioman. I did some geography research and learnt that Bintan is at the south of South China sea while the same ocean is between the resort we stayed at Tioman and the mainland. I wonder if thats the reason the waves in Bintan were so amazingly strong. Just made me respect the strength of nature all the more.

Anyway, with my gushing and pictures above, you can guess that we were mostly at the beach. We are very much beach lovers/ tourists, though you would not see us splashing in the local shores (After such wonderful experiences, somehow our beloved homeland’s coasts pale very much in comparison. Thats the price one pays for reclaimed land)

Adorable enjoyed the waves most, wading with daddy and jumping and splashing with the waves. Princess was happy to play with sand and Sunshine was all over ;p When they shared what they liked about the beach best- the differences could not be any more contrasting- one liked the high tide, another liked the low tide and Princess liked both ;p Well, whichever time we went there- morning or evening, it was just wonderful.

I had never seen so many rock pools before though the main inhabitants were the hermit crabs (‘mermaid’ crabs as Sunshine called them ;)) there was one period when the spot I stood was just teeming with these tiny creatures. Princess was absorbed in studying the shell abodes and looking out for other similar creatures.

Besides the beach, we ventured to the nearby tourist market- Pasar Oleh Oleh. Thanks to tip from other travellers and online research, I had been forewarned about the ‘tourist trap’. We just checked out the supermarkets (reviewed to be the only worthwhile outlet there) for food which were most snacks and instant noodles. We did get some food from one of the restaurants as I thought the hotel food will be priced exorbitantly (actually when I finally got to see the room service on our last day, they were lower than I had expected) As the villa came with its own kitchenette, we split the bought food over two meals. Thanks to the internet again, I had learnt about a market behind this tourist village. It was so heartening to see food centre with a very small market- Puja Sera. We had a simple yet yummy lunch that cost us less S$10! We also got some fruits which were much relished during the hot afternoons.

I had brought some items to cook there but the stove was out of order. I made  do with the microwave which is something I am not familiar with. I discovered the fascinating dryer (ya, so I am abit ‘backward’) and appreciated the quick drying of clothes esp the swimwear. However, there was tiny tinge of guilt knowing what an electricity guzzler it was!

Sunshine enjoyed riding the buggy very much. Each morning, he would sit himself at the driver’s spot and keep himself entertained til we were ready to go. He was fascinated with the various animals we spotted there- asked to pose with an iguana by the pool and looking out for tiny fishes and crabs by the coast. We even spotted a komodo dragon outside our villa!

It was a wonderful getaway though we were not sorry to return. The ferry ride to Bintan was very smooth contrary to what we had heard from friends . It was rather choppy for short while on our return, making me reconsider whether I really want to go on the mild roller coaster opening soon at the IR. Upon return, it took me sometime to adjust to normal routine. I felt like those cartoon images where springs and coils pop out of a damaged gadget. Going away during term time is very tiring (duh! ;))

But I still cant wait for the next beach holiday! (Me dreaming of Kuantan… club med cherating will be a nice bonus ;))

Videos of the splashing fun we had in the different tides…


2 thoughts on “Bintan- Jan 2010

  1. Yes, Bintan is facing South China Sea and Jan being in the Northeast monsoon season, often experiences strong winds, moderate sea and swell conditions.

  2. Yes, you are very right about the swell conditions. Thanks for reminding about the monsoon season which I had not factored in during my ‘research’ ;>

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