Alexandra Fire Station

Finally, on the last Saturday of the year, we made it to the open house of the fire station. Since my sat morning classes ended mid-october, we had been planning and planning but no fruition. Am so glad that we did manage to go when we did. FYI- all fire stations hold open house on every saturdays.

It was very quiet when we got to the fire station. It is the nearest one to my place- Alexandra Fire Station. In fact we were the only visitors then and the staff were not prepared. Caught off guard by our visit, they were initially rather reticent. Once they got into the swing of giving us a private tour- boy was it really fun!!!

We learnt in depth about the compartments in a fire truck,  the various equipment and the procedures during an rescue operation. Learnt a new term- AOS- Appreciation of Situation, where a quick analysis is done to determine equipment and the rescue efforts required.

Also appreciated the use of colours as visual indicators at so many levels. There is a rescue helmet (white coloured) and a fire helmet (orange). Colours also indicate the ranks within the firefighting personnel.

Enough of learning stuff- the experiences the firefighters bestowed on us simply WOWED me and the brood! Yea, there was the usual climb onto fire trucks and the driver’s cab. We had additional treat of riding on the Rhino, extra long session of ‘watering’ the plants (using the fire hose, i mean ;),  watching the slide pole up close and learning how the station operates from the watchroom- the heart of the fire station, if u ask me.

Oh, we also saw the firefighters responding to not 1 but 2 firecalls! Thank goodness it was false alarm  initially. Nevertheless, its very comforting to know that these unsung heroes are always ready to rescue us.

Here is the video showing the brood playing fireman or is it gardener watering the shrubs?? ;p


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