Hort Park

We revisited Hort Park after sometime. I did not realise how much the baby enjoyed the place til I saw him rolling about in the sand and not wanting to go to other playgrounds in the part. 

We first went there when it was barely opened. I was pretty amazed and impressed by the landscaped grounds. I appreciated the peacefulness of the place even more. Sadly, I suppose those quiet days are lost.

 There have been some changes to the place since we last visited- some landscaped areas are being upgraded, new additions and definitely more crowds and less peace ;/

Children loved it. I guess I should bring them there more often now that I fully realise how much baby loves the sandy play area. The pictures I share are from a year back. Did not manage to take any pix this time round. Anyway, the next time any of you go to this park, check out if these spaces are still around ;p


One thought on “Hort Park

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