4th July- Brood and I enjoyed our own local fireworks! ;D

My sister had miraculously gotten extra four tix to the rehearsal show for the upcoming NDP (National Day Parade). And when she asked me if we wanted them, I simply jumped at the chance. As every local knows, these are most sought after tix… and they are FREE!

As i was teaching that afternoon, brood joined my sister’s family in getting to the parade platform. I joined them after my class ended. Needless to say, it was crowded. As many of you know, I cant stand crowds. The main reason why I hardly take brood out during weekends, if we can help it. But the opportunity to watch the parade is really ‘once in a lifetime’ for people like me and the clammy crowd was not going to bar me. Yes it was clammy at the bottlenecks of traffic. I so wanted to get past the crowd that I even forgo my goodie bag (After checking that each of my darlings had gotten their fave colour of bag 😉 There was a slight tinge of regret when I later realised that the sling bag can be converted into a tote but it was a fleeting regret. I have enough barang at my place, as most of you know ;p

The show was breathtaking, albeit national propaganda in the name of National Education. Watching the Red Guards swimming through the high altitudes and landing elegantly, enjoying the ‘police and terrorist’ enactment on the river waters, clapping for the vigorous performers and best of all the FIREWORKS… What can i say- I am so very proud to be part of the little Red Dot! ;D

Princess seemed to enjoy herself especially in the company of her cousin. Boys were indifferent at time ;o The youngest sitting on my lap, was engrossed in his goody bag items and using the hand drums for the sing a long sessions, and operating his torch heart. Adorable was highly responsible for his own bag and was only mildly interested in certain segments of the parade. He was also easily worn out and many a times asked if we could go home yet ;< Of course the FIREWORKS made all the tiring wait worthwhile ;D

Early at the start of the show, spectators were told to clap thunderously for the arrival of MM Lee. I really thought the vViP will be gracing the rehearsal. Then we realised that there were stand-ins for the VIPs. However, the NE shows attended by the P5 children,  are graced by some ministers. 

It will be Princess’ turn to attend the NE show next year and I hope she will have another smashing time! 

Meanwhile, I am hoping to back for another round of fireworks as there would be last few rounds of rehearsals in the coming Saturdays.


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