Singapore Flyer

Finally, we got to go to the largest observatory wheel (for the moment!) I did not realise how accessible it is from our place.

There was a promotion- a family package as ‘Friends of the SG Flyer’. As adorable already indicated he wants to go there for his birthday as well, it seemed like a worthwhile purchase. And its very good to know that we can go on the Flyer anytime we want (exception of the block out periods) without having to pay a cent ;>

So we have been there and done that- on the SG Flyer. It was an interesting lesson on map reading/ geography for the  children. With the nearby construction (which is also perpetual in our beloved country 😉 of the IRs and another commercial area, the view is not exactly something to die for. It was still fun spending time in the capsule. We had taken snapshots before boarding the flyer. And these were superimposed against the backdrop while in the flyer. Feeling indulgent, we got few different sets of the pictures including one as a jigsaw puzzle.

After the trip on the Flyer, Princess asked to make use of the voucher for the Fish Spa. Really, she is one such brave soul!!! She sat thru the ticklish experience of having those fishes nibble away at her feet. Adorable had asked to join too, but after seeing those tiny creatures swarming around his sister’s legs, he changed his mind ;p I am not sure if I’d sit through it myself.

Then we all headed for ice-cream. It was such a hot afternoon anyway. The ice-cream melted even before they could sit properly to enjoy them. Finally we checked out the F1 pit building. There was some car sale going on so it was very crowded. It was still great to see the gridmarks on the track and knowing the locations of the various race cars at the starting point.

Princess agreed it was very memorable indeed and I think the pressies we had gotten for her rounded the day nicely. (She received an assortment of science experiment kit and various audio CDs of her fave artistes/ soundtracks.) Yes, I spoilt her silly again. Well, one does not 10 more than once,rite! ;D


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