Singapore River Cruise

I am sure there are quite a number of operators running cruises down our humble Singapore River. We happened to take the one run by DuckTours, as part of Sunshine’s  birthday outing. 

It started with a complimentary shuttle service on the open-decked bus from Suntec City to Clarke Quay, where we transferred to the Hippo River Cruise. The ride on the open roof bus is one the boys had been hankering for so long. Was I so glad that it was added value to the outing. It being windy these days, we certainly enjoyed the city sights in late afternoon strong breeze. 

Upon reaching Clarke Quay, we waited a short while to board the cruiser. Once aboard, we made ourselves comfortable. It was hardly unsettling. I had expected us to remain seated during the short cruise. But I had nothing to worry about. It was very stable and eventually we were about, shutter happy and Sunshine was actually dashing to and fro catching the various sights from aboard. We sailed past the skyscrapers, the historic shophouses now serving as dining and entertainment outlets, under the esplanade bridge, past the Esplanade,  the Merlion, the floating platform and the construction of the 

I had always known that Singapore has a great skyline but never had a chance to wonder at it looming over me. It was an amazing sight indeed and serene scenic cruise despite  the buzz on the river banks.


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